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Lost cat - large Black and White tuxedo long-hair cat. Turbo is 8 years old, very friendly and loves to lay on top of cars. He is an indoor/outdoor cat and knows hot to hunt and survive. I believe he got lost during some major storms in a new construction area which he may not have been familiar with. His 6lb tiger cat mother has been laying around depressed since he ran off. He is her only son.

Last seen around 930am on Wednesday June 4th. This cat is fearless and very friendly. He may have recently suffered some hearing loss. He is micro-chipped, weights about 16lbs and sex may not be easy to identify due to surgery related to a urinary tract blockage 5 years ago.

Last seen in the 156th St and US31 area on June 4th. Around June 12th there were some sightings around the Cook Creek Park / Carmel Landing Apartments / Menards area.

$500 Cash Reward if found alive and safe


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