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Post by Admin on Tue Jan 20, 2015 4:57 pm

My indoor/outdoor cat has been gone since around X-Mas. He's always come back after a day or so, but I think he's being housed by another family. I can understand someone thinking he's a stray who should be taken in, but he has a home here already. If anyone knows any friends or family who live on the East side of Rt. 149 in Burns Harbor who have recently come into a new pet cat- please let me know. Or just tell them to let him out, because he knows how to get home. His name is Bowser and he's a huge orange tabby. Not fat. Just a BIG cat. He has a thin blue collar which his tags rusted off just this December.

If it's any incentive to the sob story, I took in his stray "mistress" lol this year and she had his kittens. So his wife and kids are at home without him too- not to mention our kids who miss their pets. Just let him out if you have him please. Anyone. Thanks.


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