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Please help! I've lost my baby. He jumped out of the car at Walgreens on Fourth and 281 on the night of Dec 23rd. I have looked everywhere, called everywhere, and have had no luck. I am desperate. We are from out of state and aren't familiar with this city. I'm worried that he won't find his way back to me and since we are living off 20 and were miles away.. It's not likely. I am hoping someone has just picked him up and that he hasn't gotten ran over. He is a spoiled inside cat but he was raised on a farm so I know he would be able to survive . It's the traffic that bothers me. Anyways. He is almost a year old, solid gray with a small white patch on his chest. He's fluffy and kinda plump looking, he will be more likely to come if you whistle but definitely will if he sees a can of cat food or some kind of toy haha, His name is a Spyder. I am offering a nice reward on him. If you have any information on him or have even seen him then pleaese... Give me a call (even if you think he was ran over..) I can't stop looking until I know where he is... I work all day so it's hard for me to get out and search during the day.. Please help me. This job is about to end and I will be leaving town after that...


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