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This is Mitchell; he was wrongfully given away by two woman named Shellie Reynolds and Jenna Morris after they kicked my fiance and i out of the house we were all living in.
He was last seen December 4th in Westfield, Indiana. he was wearing a slightly tattered blue striped collar that had a bell and a blue bow on it with pink unicorn tape on the latch of the collar. He loves baths, loves human food (especially cheese) and he loves to be cuddled while watching T.V or playing video games. He is neutered but not declawed and is about 5-5 1/2 months old.
Please help us bring him home before the holidays, because he has become such a huge part of our life since we got him in June of this year. We miss him dearly and Christmas just wont be the same without our little buddy around to experience his first Christmas with us.
If you have any information at all, even if it doesn't seem useful.
please contact us at 317-428-9168 or at 317-324-6178
we are offering a reward of $100 for his safe return to us. No questions asked. Please we miss our little boy


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