Missing Cat- Jupiter (Catharpin, VA)

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Missing Cat- Jupiter (Catharpin, VA) Empty Missing Cat- Jupiter (Catharpin, VA)

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 15, 2013 10:50 am

Missing Cat- Jupiter (Catharpin, VA) 3rd3lb10

Please help!
Lost on Aldie Rd. in Catharpin, VA, "Jupiter," an 18 lbs. all-white neutered male cat, with a black spot on his nose, escaped out a poorly latched back door between 2 and 5 am 6/18/13 and has not been seen since. He has only been with us for 9 months and may be having trouble finding home. He is friendly to people and cats but doesn't like to be picked up. PLEASE check your garages and outbuildings, he may be trapped and he is fairly quiet. WE MISS HIM SO MUCH! I am DEVASTATED! Reward offered!

CONTACT: 2bqj9-3907317381@comm.craigslist.org


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