YORKIE STILL MISSING..... Keep your eye out!!!

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YORKIE STILL MISSING..... Keep your eye out!!! Empty YORKIE STILL MISSING..... Keep your eye out!!!

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 11, 2014 8:01 am

YORKIE STILL MISSING..... Keep your eye out!!! Orl110

Hello we left for Thanksgiving to our families house and when we can back she had somehow managed to sneak away from my mothers house behind my brothers back we have been looking for her and haven't stopped I posted so many fliers in my neighborhood with my children and some how the homeowners ripped them all down we had her since she was a baby please help us here is my number 321-297-3704 teacup Yorkie brown and black her name is Bella she's our baby she will be 6yrs old this July she's not used to being without us please bring her back to us!! this is taking a toll on me and my children she is apart of our life and love her our life hasnt been the same since shes been gone! PLEASE if you can feel the pain in words thru this ad please help us! THOSE PICS ARE WITH A HAIR CUT AND WITHOUT please please please any information help no questions asked

I can identify her so please and she will run to us ....i promise i will not ask any questions all we want is our baby back! please! PLEASE NO SOLICITORS/SCAMMERS THIS IS A VERY SERIOUS MATTER DONT WASTE YOUR TIME THANK YOU


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