MISSING MACAW (green/red--Maggie) (downtown Orlando)

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 MISSING MACAW (green/red--Maggie) (downtown Orlando)  Empty MISSING MACAW (green/red--Maggie) (downtown Orlando)

Post by Admin on Thu Sep 11, 2014 8:34 am

 MISSING MACAW (green/red--Maggie) (downtown Orlando)  Orl510

My red fronted macaw (MAGGIE) got out of the house this morning. She is bright green with red on her head and wings. Also some orange underneath her wings. She is very loud, and She is very people friendly and will probably try to fly to any stranger at some point so do not be afraid of her. I live in downtown orlando (thornton park). Please contact with any sightings, info, and if you think you may hear her in the area. I also have a page up on parrot alert.... here is the link.

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