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Post by Admin on Fri Oct 10, 2014 3:21 pm

Reward- Port Wentworth Cc111

Please Help in whatever way you can. Have you seen this Dog? Her name is Raggedy but we calls her "Rags" for short. She is a mixed breed. I believe she is a Maltese mixed with Shi Tzu. and perhaps some other things as well.

This dog has been missing since the 19th of August. She turned up missing at a Rest Area in Port Wentworth somehow in the early afternoon (during that time it was pouring down raining and she is afraid of the lightning & thunder) and has been missing ever since and we just need whatever help you could give. If you have seen this dog anywhere ...could you just let us know where was the last place you seen this dog.

She's has had a haircut so these images below may not be what she currently looks like but it could give you an idea ..but you can't miss the face because she's adorable and a very loving & friendly dog (she loves to have her belly rubbed) and all she wants is to find her owner who happens to be my Aunt and I know how much it would mean to her if she found her dog again because she really does love this dog and has had 'Rags' for well over 9 years now and if you can help out in any way that would get us her dog back then we will gladly contribute a reward to show our token of appreciation. So please if you know anything at all this ad or call/text the following # below please.

Thank you so much for reading

Linda (Owner): (404)434-3363


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