Missing Cat-Joey (Centreville, VA)

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Missing Cat-Joey (Centreville, VA) Empty Missing Cat-Joey (Centreville, VA)

Post by Admin on Mon Jul 15, 2013 11:42 am

Missing Cat-Joey (Centreville, VA) 3r13j410

We lost our "Joey" on February 5 in Country Club Manor. He left home on Carlbern (across from upper Greymont) and has been spotted on Ritchie, Ottawa, Greymont, Kamputa and Olddale as well as Sully Station feral cat feeding area. We have not seen him, but have had multiple reports. Most recent sighting was on Greymont in the storm drains. If you have seen him or are willing to let us try to catch him with a humane trap, please call. It helps to know that he's been spotted and where.

He is mostly white with tabby markings on face, back and rings on a long straight tail. He has a brown swatch on nose. He's got claws, but is friendly (although nervous). He is up to date on shots, neutered, and has a microchip. His sister and family miss him.

Please call 703 915-2734 or 703 915-2733 if you have any information.


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