Please help us find Tinkerbell

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Please help us find Tinkerbell Empty Please help us find Tinkerbell

Post by Admin on Sat Jan 16, 2016 3:13 pm

Please help us find Tinkerbell Buff210

I'm asking for help locating Tinkerbell, she's out there somewhere! I know she's terrified, cold and alone !
Tinkerbell is Birman , she looks like a fluffy chocolate point Siamese! Tinkerbell has brilliant blue eyes, her body is cream colored , her fluffy plume tail is brown and her legs are as well and she had four cream color mittens on all four paws. Tinkerbells face and ears are dark brown/ black. Tinkerbell is medium to long length fur.
I'm reaching out to residents in the area,

Pierce Ave, Orchard Pkwy, 8th street, Whirlpool Ave. , Chilton Ave. , Linwood Ave. And even the surrounding area.

contact name: Elizabeth
call or text: ☎ (716) 279-2194


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