JUST NEED ANSWERS .... Calling all furball lovers....

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JUST NEED ANSWERS .... Calling all furball lovers....

Post by Admin on Tue Jun 02, 2015 4:58 pm

Please, if you know where he is I just can't handle not knowing!
I would like to ask you if you would check your sheds, under porches, garages, any other outbuildings. Thank you!
My Moosey was scared away during a break in at the corner of August and Edwards Street in East Granite City on Oct. 18. He is out there somewhere wondering where his mommy and brothers are and we are wondering and missing him as well. He misses his nice soft bed. He would snuggle with me and wake me up in the morning. As you can see he is orange and white, almost 50/50. The white on his face does not touch his eyes. He is an adult, short hair, neutered male cat, about 13 lbs. He has all of his claws. If you find him please contact me. Please do not chase! Moose was almost home the other day but was scared away by some dogs so I know he is in the area. Please, if you see him or catch him, call me.


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