Missing Cat-Tang (EAST NORMAN)

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Missing Cat-Tang (EAST NORMAN)  Empty Missing Cat-Tang (EAST NORMAN)

Post by Admin on Thu Jul 11, 2013 10:07 am

Missing Cat-Tang (EAST NORMAN)  01616_a1a35KPpsLD_600x450_zps444c8dcf

"Tang" is a large white Siamese with a large head, large gray front paws with white tips, grayish face, and a friendly disposition. But he LOVES to be outside. He always comes back within a day, day and a half when I let him out. Unfortunately I did not put his collar on him - he has a thick neck so we take it off every now and then - when I let him out on Saturday afternoon - July 6th - and we have not seen him since. We live in Royal Oaks off Alameda. Perhaps somebody brought him in out of this heat... CONTACT:kfmgm-3925505306@comm.craigslist.org


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