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Last seen 2 weeks ago off of Miller dr. Manheim, she was a stray that was coming by in my care, it was like she disappeared....she always came to us for food . She is very sweet, her left ear has a straight cut across the left ear. She's about 8 months old . I am putting this out there because I am not certain what to do and thought this may help. A few weeks back, I posted a note about a beautiful kitten. I really grew to love her, so much so I was wanting to keep her or at best find her a home just as good as mine. In the interim, because it was getting cold , I spent some time making a shelter to ensure she would be warm. Well, it's been a mystery because for a couple if weeks now, it's like she's disappeared. I don't know what happened to her and I keep looking for her each day like an anxious parent...My hope is that if she has gotten picked up that someone might have seen her or has any information at all about her whereabouts. We call her
Chloe, she's about 7lbs or so, 8 months old. She's got goldish green eyes, all black and very loving, yet timid. Any information at all, please don't hesitate to pm me. Thank you very very much! It's appreciated more than you know! the vet has told me that she has been spayed, she at time i took her to the vet is fiv negative. .all black, gorgeous gold-green eyes, we call her Chloe. Please , any anyone can tell me is appreciated she is very loved and want to make sure she is okay, Thank you for taking the time out to read this-serious replies only! God bless!
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