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Post by Admin Wed Apr 01, 2015 1:21 pm


FYI to all who want to help a "lost" cat, I sent this to one of you who has someone's "lost" kitty:

"If you haven't gotten this kitty scanned, you might do so and then if it has one you'll know who the owner is.

Our Elwood, has a chip, had a collar w/tag, and maybe he is too friendly to a fault because it seems like someone had taken him the last time, and may have this time as he was very far away when we found him last time, and may have been taken for a ride this time.

I wish you well in finding the owners.



If it looks like it is being cared for it just may be someone's cat! If someone took our Elwood I hope you are a nice person giving him the love he wants and deserves. I had been going to DCHS weekly since July 2014, and it makes me very SAD! If he got eaten, or hit by a vehicle it would still be great if someone took what was left in to get it scanned by a vet or DCHS. NOT KNOWING SUCKS! Pictures of dead cats in here would be better than just saying "hey there is a dead cat in the gutter at Monona n Pflaum Roads" Look carefully at people's postings, images, and then respond with helpful information not bits and bites, "We see this cat sometimes" I appreciate people care enough to respond, but......

We are STILL LOOKING for OUR LOST CAT Elwood has not reported home again since July 18th. I fear we are running out of luck with this sweet cat. He did have his collar on with a tag, name, telephone number, and Monona, WI. on the tag. He is also micro chipped, so unless he got consumed or hit by a vehicle "they" people should see he isn't homeless! He's a very mellow and trusting cat who could easily be taken away, not one to stray very far from his yard! Nice to humans, but note the nips from his ears from mixing it up. He still is and always will be our Elwood! He had been gone one other time for three months and was found four miles from home, seemingly far enough that he was taken not straying.


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